Recognizing handwritten text is a problem that can be traced back to the first automatic machines that needed to recognize individual characters in handwritten documents.

Think about, for example, the ZIP codes on letters at the post office and the automation needed to recognize these five digits. Perfect recognition of these codes is necessary in order to sort mail automatically and efficiently.

Included among the other applications that may come to mind is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. OCR software must read handwritten text, or pages of printed books, for general electronic documents in which each character is well defined.

Hypothesis to be tested : The Influence of Global Warming on temperature and humidity.

The Influence of Global Warming on temperature and humidity

We will be performing our analysis on a Weather data. The dataset can be downloaded from Kaggle using the following link :-

The dataset has hourly temperature recorded for last 10 years starting from 2006–04–01 00:00:00.000 +0200 to 2016–09–09 23:00:00.000 +0200. It corresponds to Finland, a country in the Northern Europe.

The Null Hypothesis is “Has the Apparent temperature and humidity compared monthly across 10 years of the data indicate an increase due to Global warming.

The hypothesis means we need to find whether the…

Suman Mondal


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